Tiablo A7G R5 Tiablo A7G R5 Tiablo A7G R5

Tiablo A7G R5

Tiablo A7G R5 is an excellent choice for law enforcement, military, and security guards. Built robust with a unique features allowing customization, ease of use, and can be adjusted for different techniques. The reflector made to obtain a distance over 100 metres with a outstanding bright beam of light. Tiablo A7G R5 has a programmable switch with user-defined settings, including infinite variable brightness and adjustable strobe speed. Tiablo A7G R5 LED Flashlight also includes a 2nd Tactical Switch, Lanyard, Spare Parts, Gift Box, and One Year Manufacture's Warranty.


Multifunction Option:
The Minicomputer within the tactical tail cap switch allow programming for a variety requirements. Click once on the tail cap button for Mode A, click a second time for Mode B, click third time to turn off.

Mode A: Unique infinite variable brightness from 1% to 100% to 1%. Factory default is 100% brightness.

Change brightness by continually pressing on the tail cap button until the desired brightness is visible. During the adjustment, the light will cycle from 100% to 1% to 100% and flicker once at 1%, twice at 50%, and three times at 100% output.

Mode B: Adjustable variable speed Strobe and SOS Factory default 10Hz Strobe.

Enter the Demonstration cycle by pressing the tail cap button for 3 seconds. All features will cycle continuously. Press the tail cap button once when the desired setting is visible.

Demonstration cycle: 10Hz strobe SOS Standby Flicker every 2 seconds at 10% brightness Infinite Brightness 1% to 100% to 1% without flicker Strobe 15Hz to 1Hz Kindly note removing the tail cap will reset user defined program to factory default.

Note: Working voltage at 2.75VDC will cause the light to flicker as a reminder to replace battery.

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