Tiablo is a Canadian and Hong Kong company founded May 21, 2007 by a dedicated group with background experience in the high performance tactical flashlight industry.

The name “Tiablo” is a combination of Torch and Diablo, representing what we make and our dedication to performance. Tiablo has a operating culture based on teamwork and efficiency with a goal to deliver long-term value.

The original A Series flashlight models, especially the popular A9 format, was in production for over 8 years. The only reason for ending the A Series was the design limited the current flow to just over 1 Ampere.

Since 2015, all A9 models were replaced by the very well received A9X HI. Based on the AX Series format, created to allow a modular design for future upgrades, and sharing of accessories, as well as spare parts, between different models and brands.

Tiablo offers several flashlight models suitable for professionals, law enforcement, military, hunting, fishing, outdoor sports, every day carry, and standby for emergencies.

Tiablo's greatest asset is an excellent reputation for reliable high performance flashlights, proven by the tens of thousands of satisfied owners.

The power of a star in your hand....


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